BOO - Deluxe Lash Balm

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The Deluxe Lash Balm can be applied between lifting and setting cream, this step will minimize the damage on the lashes EVEN MORE!

The main ingredients are vegetable protein (such as wheat protein that does the mirror effect as keratin), panthenol, biotin and peptide.

Panthenol: helps strengthen hair, retain moisture, and improves the texture of damaged hair.
Biotin: known as vitamin B7, is also well known for its positive effects on lashes including increasing the rate of follicle growth and growing stronger and thicker strands.
Peptides: prevents breakage by increasing moisture and making lashes thicker.

It's 30g and you only need one little scoop per treatment which will last forever. The PAO (Period After Opening) of this Balm is 12 months- this long PAO will allow you enough time to finish off the whole bottle without having to waste.

*This balm does NOT replace glue or adhesives.

*This balm can be used on brows too.

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