BOO - 3B Lash Glue

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3B- Glue

10-15 seconds drying time

Boo beauty bar has 2 different glues, please read the descriptions to make sure if this glue is what you are after before placing an order

This 3B glue is perfect for professionals who want to shorten the treatment time. The drying time of this glue is 10-15 seconds.

It will hold lashes strong so that you never have to experience lashes coming off from shields during the treatment! (I mean, we all know that struggle..)

This product should be stored in a cool, dark and dry area, the life of this product is 24 months with un-opened condition and 12 months once opened.

*We fill the glue all the way up from our manufacturer so the lid pushing back up can sometimes happens. However there's is no issue to use and this cannot be the reason of refund. Please close glue properly and clean the neck to avoid oxygen going into the glue.


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