Anastasia Beverly Hills - Scissors

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors are professional-quality, carbon-steel eyebrow scissors to help you achieve salon-quality grooming. Handcrafted in Italy, the eyebrow scissors feature tapered, ultra-thin blades for precise, straight trimming and coated grips for maximum control. The ultra-thin straight blades on this brow trimmer tool are made of durable carbon steel that stay sharp and won’t dull.

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Unlike a round-tipped blade, this straight blade allows you to trim brow hairs in a precise, straight line for pro-quality grooming
Durable carbon-steel blades stay sharp and won't dull
Features coated grips for control
Tip of the blade is microscopically rounded and designed to not cut the skin
Ideal size for precise grooming and maximum control

Using the spoolie end of any Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush, comb brow hairs upward.
Then, using light pressure, place your index finger on top of the brow to reveal the hairs that need to be trimmed (this helps ensure that you don't over-trim). Using the Scissors, trim the brow hairs exposed above your finger.
Use the Scissors in conjunction with Precision Tweezers for the ultimate, professional-quality brow grooming tool set and experience.